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By: govo

One of our clients : Dalkia

Dalkia is the inventor and leading European provider of energy services. Our mission is to optimise the technical, financial and environmental performance of the energy facilities we manage on behalf of the local authorities and businesses we count among our customers.

With our expertise in managing complex energy installations, we have developed a unique capability for organising a host of services that make our customers’ life andwork easier.

Through technical, financial and human resources engineering, energy procurementand conversion, facilities management, comprehensive utilities maintenance and services and comprehensive building management, we deliver operational, innovative solutions to free our customers from tasks that are not directly related to their core business.
Our goal is to build long-term customer relationships.

Our teams serve nearly 102,700 sites around the world, from the Arctic to the Andes, battling constant cold or working day and night to ensure that our customers’ facilities operate at peak efficiency.

Our business involves listening, understanding needs, establishing diagnostics, incorporating technical, financial and environmental constraints and devising effective, innovative solutions. All of this nurtures a customer-centric corporate culture. Onsite, we work side by side with our customers to help them meet their challenges in a world of expensive energy and intense environmental and regulatory pressure.

As one of the first companies certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in our industry, with an environmental management system (EMS) that informs our daily work as we support customers in this process, we deliver guaranteed facility efficiency, availability and performance, uninterrupted supply and lower costs.

To sustain our steady progress, we invest continuously in enhancing our teams’ skills, advancing research, improving quality and innovating with our services. We constantly adapt our hiring, training and skills management to meet customer needs and deliver tailor-made solutions, every day, around the world.

Source : Dalkia

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