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Een van onze klanten : La Vache qui rit

For over a century, the Bel Group has consolidated its place in the cheese industry by initiating new food trends, and by advertising its products in a whole new way.

A new era in cheese making
New concepts: Bel has set food trends with its products by creating cheeses to be eaten at non-traditional times, creating an entirely new culture of cheese consumption.

New products: processed pre-portioned cheeses and mini-cheeses simply did not exist previously, and the opportunity opened up by these tasty morsels has been a pleasant discovery for young and old alike. 

New technologies: manufacture of these new products meant reinventing the traditional production methods, although not abandoning them for certain types of cheese (Babybel ®), and in some cases developing a process (The Laughing Cow ®) from scratch.

Bron : BEL Groep

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