Ready to win public contracts?

Every morning our team analyzes and qualifies all public contracts manually, and we check all contracts twice.

We have more than 12,000 identification criteria. We open the specifications so that we don’t miss any information.

That’s why Govex (Government Exchange) offers you its assistance in monitoring Belgian and European public procurement markets. A commercial follow-up carried out by professionals according to your requirements. Thus, you will only receive the markets that concern you, in your sector of activity and according to your expertise. Moreover, you can call upon our lawyers specialized in public procurement.

Increase your sales with Govex

Offering quality products and unparalleled service is not always enough. You need to be aware of business opportunities! Govex brings you all the information you need in a timely manner. Our monitoring system by e-mail and via the online platform, allows you to react in time. Because you know your sector better than anyone else, we bring you all the security of fast and efficient information, according to your criteria.

The important thing is to be quickly and well informed!

Govex is active throughout the European Union. The public procurement markets are identified and categorized every morning. Our customers then receive the markets in their sector of activity, according to their own criteria.

With the Govex subscription, you have access to all Belgian and/or European public procurement markets + all the help and assistance tools included! This is why our subscription is totally exclusive!

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