SMB, SMEs, 3,2,1 GO ! Public procurement even more accessible.


There is a huge potential for development for companies of all sizes in public procurement.

Until recently, however, the criteria for tenders could be too exclusive for SMEs.

The administration was too cumbersome and the selection criteria too demanding.

In short, SMEs were already discouraged from all these steps before they started to analyse and respond to the technical part.

Since 2017, the federal government has put in place measures to facilitate SMEs’ access to public contracts:

More adapted selection criteria (price, quality of the offer, working methodology, ecology, impact contribution, after sales service, …)

Contracting in lots has become a more common rule so that smaller companies can bid for one, two or even more lots.

A lot is a subdivision of a contract that can be awarded separately, in principle for separate performance.

The technique of allotment consists in the contracting authority dividing its contract into several parts within it, so as to allow the submission of a tender for one or other of these parts. Where the contracting authority decides to award a contract in the form of separate lots
the contract documents shall specify :
– the nature, volume, subject, breakdown and characteristics,

The division of a contract into several lots may be done on the basis of :
– quantitative or qualitative.

Why allocate?
The division of a contract into lots has many advantages:
– wider competition ;
– better access for SMEs to public procurement
– better quality control;
– adapted award procedures;
– better management of budgetary resources;
– faster implementation.

The full text of these measures

How to consult the calls for tender?

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